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Offer in Compromise

West Palm Beach Taxpayers Win Appeal of Rejected Offer in Compromise

In my blog of February 17, 2014 I discussed the case of a West Palm Beach couple who prepared and submitted an offer in compromise that was rejected by the IRS.

They offered $2,000 on an outstanding balance of $40,000; however the IRS wanted them to pay 16,000 which was 80% of their IRA. The couple was using the IRA every month to help meet their living expenses. They filed an appeal and came to me for advice on what information to present at the hearing that would help them win their case.

The couple called me today to tell me the Settlement Officer ruled in their favor and accepted the $2,000 in full settlement of their $40,000 back tax debt. After hearing the analysis and argument  I instructed the taxpayers to present, the Settlement Officer immediately agreed to accept the $2,000 offer and close the case. This allows the taxpayers to keep the IRA and draw from it as needed to meet monthly living expenses. Read my February 17th blog to learn more of the facts of the case and the advice I gave the taxpayers.

If you owe IRS back taxes our tax resolution services can determine whether you are a candidate to resolve your tax problems with an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is used to settle your unpaid taxes for an amount less than what you owe. If you have already filed an offer in compromise and it has been rejected, call us for appeals representation.

If based upon your facts and circumstances we find you won’t qualify for an offer in compromise we’ll advise you on alternative tax resolution strategies and represent you before the IRS to solve your unpaid back taxes. We provide back taxes help for taxpayers in St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties and elsewhere in Florida and New York. Call East Coast Tax Consulting Group today at 561-826-9303 to schedule a free consultation with one of our tax professionals. It’s time to make your tax problems a thing of the past!

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