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Tax Audit Help

Receiving a tax audit letter from the IRS can be nerve-wracking.

Not only is the audit process intimidating, but it also requires a lot of time, knowledge, and effort. You’re likely worried about all the financial records you’ll need to comb through and the potential penalties you might have to pay. However, finding the right tax audit help can make the entire process less stressful.

If you are selected for a tax audit, you are entitled to representation by a CPA, attorney, or enrolled agent. East Coast Tax Consulting Group’s licensed CPAs offer affordable IRS audit help backed by decades of experience. Let our team serve as your tax audit representation. We’ll handle all the details—from organizing your records to negotiating your case.

IRS Audit Representation

We have more than 30 years of experience providing tax audit help to both individuals and businesses. Our IRS audit defense team is available to resolve correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits. Over the past three decades, we’ve assisted countless clients gather and present relevant documents; defend the tax treatment of their reported income and deductions; file appeal requests; and more.

Our team of expert CPAs will help you prepare for an audit with the best defense possible. Our IRS audit help begins with a free consultation. We’ll go over the audit notice you received and get an idea of how extensive your IRS tax audit might be so you’re fully prepared for the road ahead. Whether your tax audit focuses on one or two items in your return or is a full-scale examination of your taxes, our IRS audit defense team will be with you every step of the way.

Trusting our team of tax professionals to serve as your IRS audit representation gives you a better chance of a fast, affordable solution—without having to meet with the IRS yourself. We communicate and meet directly with the tax agent assigned to your audit, respond to any requests for information, research any tax issues raised by the agent, and handle any other matters that arise during your audit. East Coast Tax Consulting Group’s tax audit help allows our clients to minimize changes to their tax returns and avoid expensive audit penalties.

Appealing Your Tax Audit

If you do not agree with the findings of the examiner conducting your audit, you have the right to appeal your case. The Appeals Office is independent of any other IRS office and provides you the opportunity to settle your case on a fair and impartial basis. As your tax audit representation, East Coast Tax Consulting Group can prepare and submit your tax protest, then meet with the Appeals Officer to present and negotiate your case. We will present tax authority that supports your position and gives you the opportunity to reach an acceptable resolution.

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You deserve the best in IRS tax representation, tax preparation, and tax planning services. At East Coast Tax Consulting Group, you’ll work with a licensed CPA who will handle your case from beginning to end. We invite you to contact our team to schedule a free, confidential consultation.