Tax Preparation

taxplanningPreparing your own tax return is becoming more and more difficult and time-consuming each year due to the complexity of the tax law and number of forms you need to complete. You can easily overlook deductions and credits that can significantly reduce your taxes. Locating necessary documents and paperwork adds to the stress and hassle when it comes time to file your tax return.

If you’re seeking tax preparation help, it may be beneficial to use the services of a certified public accountant. CPAs have specialized training and education in the field of taxation and accounting and are well-versed in current tax law changes.

The CPAs at East Coast Tax Consulting Group are proud to be your tax preparation specialists. We offer comprehensive income tax preparation services for both individuals and businesses. Our team of tax preparers is committed to giving you the very best when it comes to fast, accurate tax preparation service, so why try to handle it on your own? Our goal is make sure you take advantage of all tax benefits available to you and pay no more than the law requires.

Our tax preparation services include:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns
  • S Corporation Returns
  • C Corporation Returns
  • Partnership Returns
  • Estate and Trust Returns
  • FBAR
  • Amended Returns

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