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What Comes After IRS Notice CP 504?

By Tax Levy

IRS Notice CP 504 is a Notice of Intent to Levy. However, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. This document is actually the final reminder of your past-due tax bill from the IRS. While you should immediately pay (or make arrangements to pay) your tax debt, the only property…

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U.S. Passport

Can You Travel Overseas with a Tax Debt?

By Tax Debt

At $54,000 (as of 2021 and adjusted each year for inflation), your tax debt—which includes penalties and interest—becomes “seriously delinquent” under Internal Revenue Code 26 USC 7345: Revocation or denial of passport in case of certain tax delinquencies. At this point, the IRS has filed a lien or issued a…

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3 Steps to Resolving Tax Debt

By Tax Debt

Tax debt doesn’t go away on its own. There is a solution to every tax problem, but finding the right resolution for your situation requires a thorough understanding of your circumstances and a comprehensive look at potential solutions. These three steps are essential to resolving tax debt when you owe…

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person taking money out of wallet to pay wage garnishment

Can the IRS Garnish Wages?

By Back Taxes

When you owe a creditor, there are many ways your debt can be collected. Back taxes are a type of debt and the IRS can collect the amount you owe in different ways, including multiple types of levies. Can the IRS garnish wages in an attempt to collect tax debt?…

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