Stop Wage Garnishment

Wage GarnishmentHave you been notified that the IRS is about to garnish your wages?

Receiving that notification can be pretty scary. After all, if your wages are actually garnished, that means your employer will be forced to withhold a significant portion of your wages or salary and remit it to the IRS. It goes without saying that a wage garnishment will severely impact your finances, which could have a negative effect on your family and your future.

Once your employer receives the Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary and Other Income they will be legally required to withhold back taxes from your wages or salary until your back tax debt is satisfied or the levy is released. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to get help from our tax resolution professionals as soon as you’re notified of an impending wage garnishment.

Drawing on years of experience in the field, our experienced tax resolution specialists will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so your wage garnishment will be released as soon as possible. We’ll analyze your case from top to bottom to determine the best method to stop your wage garnishment in its tracks.

A wage garnishment may be released for one of the following reasons:

  • The period of time that the IRS has to collect the taxes (called the statute of limitations) has expired.
  • The tax levy is creating an economic hardship.
  • You were not properly notified of the tax levy.
  • You enter into an installment payment plan.
  • You have filed bankruptcy and are subject to the automatic stay rules.
  • You paid the taxes you owed before the IRS sent the Notice of Levy.

A wage garnishment affects more than just your finances—it affects your family’s well-being, too. At East Coast Tax Consulting Group, we understand the urgency of removing a wage garnishment and will do everything in our power to get you the tax relief you need. We’re the team of tax professionals you can trust to act quickly and effectively to stop your wage garnishment.

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