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Do You Have Back Tax Returns You Need to File?

Sometimes life just gets in the way. You feel too busy or have experienced a life-changing event such as a divorce, illness, job loss, or death in your family that sidetracked you from timely filing your tax return. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed with the process of filing your taxes or perhaps you don’t have the money to pay your taxes and thought you should wait to file (which is NOT a good idea).

Whatever your situation, we are here for you when you’re ready to file your back tax returns, and the sooner, the better.  We can help lift the heavy psychological burden that’s been hanging over you so you’ll feel lighter and stress-free.

Failure to File Your Tax Returns

The IRS is becoming more and more aggressive about identifying and going after non-filers and non-payers. So whatever the amount of tax you owe, you’ll want to file your back tax returns right away to stop the penalties and interest from accumulating.

IRS debt adds up very quickly due to the failure to file and failure to pay penalties, interest on the penalties and taxes, and of course the taxes themselves. The failure to file penalty can be as much as 25 percent, so that’s a debt you’ll want to avoid.

The key takeaway about your back tax returns is to get them filed as soon as possible whether you can pay them or not.

Don’t Let the IRS Prepare Your Back Tax Returns

It’s never a good idea to have the IRS estimate and complete your return for you. It’s best to retain a tax professional to get you caught up with your back tax returns and to represent you before the IRS to work out a way to resolve your back taxes that won’t leave you financially strapped.

We know there are many national firms advertising on the radio, television and online that would like to help you with your tax problems, but all of the clients we have worked with tell us they prefer to hire a local tax professional in their own neighborhood.

A tax professional can help you:

  • Provide an appropriate response to IRS correspondence
  • Gather records and documentation and get your bookkeeping caught up so you can file accurate returns
  • Prepare and file any back tax returns
  • Explain any additional steps you need to take to get back into compliance with the IRS.

Solutions for Unfiled Tax Returns

Call our Boca Raton office today at 561-826-9303 for a free no-obligation consultation so we can understand your specific tax situation and advise you of the options available to you. Your back tax return issue will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.

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You deserve the best in IRS tax representation, tax preparation, and tax planning services. At East Coast Tax Consulting Group, you’ll work with a licensed CPA who will handle your case from beginning to end. We invite you to contact our team to schedule a free, confidential consultation.