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5 Common IRS Problems and Solutions

No taxpayer ever wants to owe the IRS or have problems with this powerful agency. Unfortunately, it is easy to make mistakes or face financial problems that make paying taxes on time a major hardship.

If you have tax problems, you need to get help right away so you can tackle your issues head-on.  East Coast Tax Consulting Group specializes in offering Boca Raton tax debt relief and can provide personalized advice, as well as deal with the IRS on your behalf to find effective solutions to all of your issues.

Common IRS Problems and Solutions

Every taxpayer has a unique set of circumstances that led to trouble with the IRS, so getting one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals is usually going to be the best way to resolve your issues.  There are, however, some common IRS problems that taxpayers experience.  Five common issues causing trouble for taxpayers, and the solutions to those issues, include the following:

  • You have years of unsubmitted tax returns. Past due returns should be completed and filed. There are penalties and interest for filing late, so don’t wait to act. Once the returns are filed, you’ll need to determine what payment options are available to pay your back taxes.  We can analyze your situation and recommend a workable solution for you.
  • Back taxes are owed to the IRS and you can’t pay. Many people who owe back taxes to the IRS can’t afford to pay off everything they owe. The best solution to this problem is usually to make an Offer in Compromise (OIC). To maximize the chance your OIC will be accepted, carefully document your financial situation to support your position on how much you can afford. If you don’t qualify for an offer in compromise and can prove to the IRS that you can’t afford to pay, you may be placed in Currently Not Collectible status.
  • The IRS has garnished your wages. Rules for wage garnishments require the IRS to send a Notice and Demand and then a Notice of Intent to Levy and Your Right to a Hearing.  Responding and reaching out to the IRS when you get these notices is the best way to prevent garnishment from happening.  If your wages are already being garnished, talk with professionals offering tax relief services and find out how best to negotiate removal of the garnishment. One of the easiest ways to stop a wage garnishment is to set-up an installment agreement which allows you to make monthly payments to the IRS.
  • The IRS has levied your bank account.  The IRS has to notify you and the bank has to wait 21 days after the levy has been served before sending your money to the IRS.  Act quickly to work with tax professionals to negotiate a payment plan or offer in compromise before cash is taken out of your account. You can also request assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service if the levy will create economic hardship.
  • An IRS revenue officer has tried to meet with you. When the IRS comes to your home or place of business, this is an indicator that collecting from you has become a top priority. You’ll want to be aggressive in getting professional help so a tax relief specialist can deal with the IRS on your behalf. Don’t agree to anything — just get the card of the revenue officer and get in touch with someone who can help.

By taking advantage of the assistance offered by East Coast Tax Consulting Group, you can find the most effective way to resolve these common IRS problems and any other issues you may be having with the IRS.  Call now to learn more about how we can help you.

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