Is the IRS trying to collect unpaid back taxes from you? If so, you should be aware of the tax resolution services available to you to solve your IRS tax problems.

Ignoring the problem is not a good option as the IRS will eventually take enforced collection action against you such as a wage garnishment or bank levy. Professional tax resolution services will help you put an end to IRS collection activity and get your financial future back on track.

If you can demonstrate that you are unable to pay the full amount of your back taxes or it would be unfair to hold you accountable for a joint tax liability you may qualify for one of several settlement options. You may be a candidate for an Offer in Compromise, Currently Not Collectible Status or Innocent Spouse Relief.

However if you have the ability to pay your back taxes over time you may enter into an installment agreement and make monthly payments. Within the past year or two the IRS has increased the time period to repay your back taxes without the need to provide them with your financial information. If your outstanding tax liability does not exceed $50,000 you now have 72 months to repay.

If the amount of your unpaid taxes exceeds this amount you will be required to provide the IRS with detailed financial information which will determine the payback period.

Before deciding which of the above tax resolution options is best for you, we perform a thorough analysis of your financial condition. Only then will we suggest the appropriate solution to your back tax problems.

If you are located in Palm Beach or Broward County our tax resolution services can help you settle your IRS tax problems. Don’t make matters worse by waiting. Call East Coast Tax Consulting Group today at 561- 826-9303 for a free no- obligation consultation.