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Payroll Taxes spelled out on blocks

Who is Responsible for Unpaid Payroll Taxes?

By Payroll Taxes

When a business employs people, they become responsible for employment taxes in two ways. First, the business must withhold part of an employee’s wages in order to pay income taxes, Social Security taxes, and Medicare taxes. These payroll taxes are referred to as trust fund taxes because the business holds the…

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injured spouse

What is an Injured Spouse Claim?

By Innocent Spouse Relief

If your spouse owes back taxes, the IRS can and will keep any future tax refunds they’re due to pay their tax debt. Unfortunately, your refund can also be applied to other past-due obligations of your spouse even if the debt accrued before you were married and you’re not liable…

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Tax Return on wooden blocks

How Far Back Can You Amend a Tax Return + Other FAQs

By Tax Returns

Sometimes, it can feel like filing taxes is more of an art than a science. Tax laws are constantly changing. You must also rely on employers, banks, and other organizations for accurate information about your income and deductions. Despite your best efforts, your tax return may have incorrect information. In this…

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